Doodles squiggles and pots of imagination


I have some twinkly shoes

They just don’t fit kangaroos

They must jump they must kick

And be able to run very quick

But never in this world

Will you see kangaroos

Climbing trees and jumping high

wearing twinkly shoes!

The pea that liked broccoli


I am a pea and my name is Zee
I would like to meet a piece of broccoli
I am told he is tall
I am told he is great
But I do wish his hair was straight


I grow in a vegetable plot
Planted by a girl called Dot
She planted Picoli Brocoli
Far from me but near a tree


One day when the sun rose high
And the day grew hot
Out from the house skipped little Dot
“Broccoli and peas for me – super yummy and a big Youpi!”

“Please pick me” said Picoli
“I want to meet little Zee”
I was waving in the beeze
When Picoli began to sneeze


“Oh you’re so handsome
Too good to eat and the little pea is very sweet”
Said Dot smiling a lot


I’m putting you both in a big glass vase
Then you can look at the moon and stars
Picoli gave me a wink and I went very pink
But we were made to be together don’t you think?


I am a flower

From the planet “POWER”

I like the sun

I like the moon

I don’t want to live in a room

The fortune teller


April, Chloe and Maricela

Went to see a fortune teller

“Will we meet a tall dark stranger?”

“Will we have a big adventure?”

“So many questions”, my darling

Said the fortune teller smiling

“I must look into my crystal ball

That will tell one and all”



“Chloe with her hair so long

Will pack her case and visit Hong Kong

April and ‘Cela will go to university

But beware of some adversity

I think they like the same dark stranger

Could he be called Franco Granger?”

“Well that is all I have to say

I must be up and away”

With bracelets jangling

and a merry laugh

She led her horse down the path



“Oh” said the girls with a groan

“Do you think that will happen when we are grown?”

“We must wait, we must see”

Said Maricela merrily

“Come on you two” said Chloe full of glee

“I want a cup of tea”

And off they went

The day well spent

To ponder and wonder in much merriment

Imagining things of what to come

Of giggling with friends in the midday sun!






Once upon a time

Along time ago

Lived a beautiful girl called Mariko





Her hair was blond

Her shoes were gold

But she was naughty 

I was told


She ate a flea, then a pea

Oh dear fiddly dee

She hid her brother under a cover

But didn’t even tell her mother


One day when it was dark and cold

Mariko she caught a cold

Her brother laughed

Her brother teased

Mariko was not well pleased


That will teach you

Said Tom her brother

Not to hide me under a thick cover!


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